Lorenzo Ghione holds an International and Diplomatic Sciences (SID) degree from the University of Bologna. During his undergraduate and graduate studies, he spent a year of Erasmus+ in Lyon (Institut d'Études Politiques, 2015/2016) and one in Paris (Sciences Po, 2018/2019). Over time, he has progressively specialised in migration issues and their political management by African governments, with a particular interest in trans-Saharan and Mediterranean movements. His research project, under the supervision of Prof. Corrado Tornimbeni, analyses the concept and practices of 'migration diplomacy.' The case study is post-revolutionary Tunisia and its relations with Brussels in an attempt to understand how cooperation on migration flows interacts with Carthage's domestic and foreign policy goals.

For further information: https://www.unibo.it/sitoweb/lorenzo.ghione2

E-mail: lorenzo.ghione2@unibo.it