Annamaria Bianco holds a BA in "Comparative Languages, Literatures and Cultures" from University of Naples L'Orientale, as well as a MA of Arts in "Sciences of Languages, History and Culture of the Mediterranean and Islamic Countries". She also completed an Academic Year at INALCO (Paris) and was a Banipal (Magazine of Arabic Modern Literature in Translation, London) Intern and Contributor. Afterwards, she specialized in Editorial Translation from Arabic at SSML of Vicenza and started working part-time as Subtitler, Translator and Interpreter. Since 2022, she holds a PhD in Contemporary Arabic Literature from Aix-Marseille University (France), in co-tutorship with the University of Naples "L'Orientale", with a thesis entitled: « Adab al-malǧa' : représenter le refuge dans le roman arabe du XXIe siècle ». She is currently a Research and Teacher Assistant at the University of Tolouse 2 - Jean Jaurès and an Associate Researcher at IREMAM. Her research interests center on Creativity and Diaspora, the Circulation and Translation of Arabic Literature, Arab Exiled and Refugees Literary Productions, as well as the representation of the Humanitarian field and Human Rights discourse in fiction. She served as treasurer of the French Association "Halqa : Association des doctorants en sciences sociales sur les mondes musulmans modernes et contemporains" ( and as Editor-in-Chief for the Italian student journal Maydan ( She is a member of SeSaMo and EURAMAL.

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